Professional MXBON Nail glue 7g


Professional Premium MXBON Pro Choice Nail Glue can be used to apply your “Faux Nails” Press On Nails and various nail art.

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Whether you add our Professional nail glue to your “Faux Nails” Press On Nails prep kit as a alternative to gel tabs, this will ensure a more longer 1-2 weeks wearing time to your Designer Press On Nails.

Also fantastic for adhering Nail Tips for Acrylic application, nail crystals and other nail art mediums.


  • 7g Brush on
  • super fast drying
  • Extra Strong staying power


Please store glue in a dry cool dark area with lid tightly secure to prevent air penetrating the tube and causing your glue to go off. 
The fridge is recommended over the summer months.

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