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Our LMP Dawber Series is inspired by Bec Dawber Nail Artist, a talent Nail Artist and Nail Educator who inspires many nail artist world wide.

Bec Dawber is well know for may talents in Nail Artistry but Bec Dawber is hands down my favorite Artist when it comes detailed hand painted Nail Art.. I mean this girl is amazing!

Our LMP Bec Dawber Brush series meets the needs of all Nail Technicians in quality, design and functionality.

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The LMP Dawber Series Brush bristles are made with the highest quality Synthetic and pure Kolinsky hair. You can create beautifully thin lines and will not need to thin (cut) your brush bristles as they have been design for the thinnest and most detailed of hand painting with amazing results. The body is made from Aluminium, so its light weight and designed to fit perfectly in your hand with great balanced and control for designing detailed nail art.

The LMP Dawber Series Brushes are sleek and professional, they come with lids to protect your Brush bristles from dust and curing of product residue in the bristles. The body of the Brushes are also acetone* resistant.

Here at Lord Muck Professional we think ALL Nail Technicians should have the opportunity to purchase Professional range products at an affordable price.


1x Dawber Crystal Picker WAX REPLACEMENT TIP ONLY.

The Dawber Crystal Picker is double ended, designed with Wax at one end to pick up your Crystals and a metal pointed picker at the other end to push, poke and prod your crystals into it place..

Cleaning and Caring for your Brushes

The clean and manipulate your wax into a point, warm the wax with your fingers and twirl into a point, wipe with acetone to clean any glue residue off.
Always clean your brush immediately after use, DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY IN YOUR BRISTLES OF THE BRUSH.



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