Nail Dust Extractor Replacement Filters


Keep your work space clean and environmentally healthier.

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Lord Muck Professional’s Dust Extraction Replacement, Reusable Filters

  • 2 x Reusable filters, Use a hair dryer to blow it, but do not wash it. Each Filter can last upto 3-4 months.
  • The dust collector will help with dust suction by reducing airborne dust by 90%

Package includes:

2 x Reusable HPA Filters

How to care for your Lord Muck Professional Dust Extractor

  • Do NOT wash your filter with any liquids, it will affect the suction.
  • Clean it regularly dependent on use. we recommend 2 weekly.
  • Switch the dust collector off and unplug from the wall before cleaning for safety.
  • Clean your dust collector with a soft damp cloth and buff with a dry cloth, can use acetone or Isopropyl lightly (may effect the surface).
  • Use a hair dyer to blow the collected duct from the filter into a rubbish bin, or gently vacuum the filter.

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