Gel Smile Line Brush


Lord Muck Professional Gel Smile Line Brush.

Our Lord Muck Professional Brushes meet the needs of all Professional Nail Technicians in quality, design and functionality.

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The Lord Muck Processional brush bristles are made with the highest quality pure Kolinsky hair the brush bristles as they have been design for the thinnest and most detailed of hand painting with amazing results. The body is made from Aluminum, so its light weight and designed to fit perfectly in your hand with great balanced and control for designing detailed nail art.

The Lord Muck Professional brushes are sleek and professional, they come with lids to protect your Brush bristles from dust and curing of product residue in the bristles. The body of the Brushes are also acetone* resistant.

Here at Lord Muck Professional we think ALL Nail Technicians should have the opportunity to purchase Professional range products at an affordable price.


1x Gel Smile Line Brush – Pure Kolinsky Hair

The Gel Smile Line Brush is a Pure Kolinsky Hair brush perfect for painting a crisp French smile line.

Cleaning and Caring for your Brushes

To Clean Pure Kolinsky Hair, clean your brush on a pallet with clear gel top coat by working the clear gel top coat into the brush and pushing out the gel colour you used, wipe of excess clear gel top coat with a lint free wipe, place lid on the brush to prevent the clear top coat from curing. This is the best way to keep your brushes clean, soft and supple ready for your next use.
Always clean your brush immediately after use, DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY IN YOUR BRISTLES OF THE BRUSH.



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